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By Ronald Epstein

Compiled via a working towards Buddhist pupil, in direct and easy-to-understand language, Buddhism A to Z presents insights for the tutorial but isn't tough for a newbie.

It contains definition of phrases resembling bodhisattva, sangha, karma, dharani or mantra, skandhas or lots, sharira or relics, anuttara-samyak-sambodhi or ideal and whole enlightenment.

It includes short biographies on nice masters and priests, such as

  • 1. Kumarajiva, the translator of the Lotus Sutra
  • 2. Xuan Zang, the chinese language pilgrim who journeyed to India looking for Buddhist Sutra, whose existence used to be fictionalized in trip to the West or Adventures of Monkey King
  • 3. Bodhidharma, the monk who introduced Buddhism from India to China, and is taken into account the founding father of Shaolin Kungfu
  • four. Huineng, the writer of the 6th Patriarch Sutra
  • as good as Mahamaudgalayana, Ananda, Hanshan, and more.

It supplies summaries of the key Mahayana sutras, including

  • 1) Amitabha Sutra, which describes rebirth within the land of final Bliss or Sukhavati
  • 2. Avatamsaka (Flower Adornment) Sutra, which information the bodhisattva route to Buddhahood
  • three. Lotus (Dharma Flower) Sutra, the foremost textual content studied by way of the Tiantai institution which unites all past Dharma instructing into one final instructing
  • four. Surangama Sutra, the vintage textual content for the Chan, or meditative school
  • as good because the center Sutra, the Vajra (Diamond) Sutra and others.

It additionally presents heritage details on Buddhas and Boddhisattvas resembling Amitabha, Sakyamuni, Maitreya, Samantabhadra, common precious, Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu and more.

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